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Windows Phone 8 GDR2 Update Begins Rolling Out

by Jacob Kleinman | July 19, 2013July 19, 2013 7:00 pm PST


GDR2, short for General Distribution Release 2, is the latest update for Windows Phone 8 and the second this year. It has started rolling out to certain devices with a wide release expected for Monday, July 22. The Verge reports that unlocked versions of the HTC 8X and Samsung’s ATIV S have both received the update in the past two days, which includes a number of minor improvements.

The new update to Windows Phone delivers CalDAV and CardDav support for Gmail, allowing for improved Google calendar and contact sync. GDR2 also brings Data Sense, which allows you to track data usage, FM radio support, and the ability to set different apps as your default camera. It also includes improvements to HTML 5 for the Internet Explorer app and added Skype stability.

GDR2 is a pretty minor update, rolling out a few needed improvements and perks while Microsoft continues to work on GDR3, which will reportedly enable support quad-core processors and larger, higher-resolution screens. GDR3 is expected to launch in late 2013, while the next big update, Windows Phone Blue likely won’t arrive until early next year.

The Verge

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