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Sony Allegedly Making Smartphone Lens Attachments With Built-In Sensor

by Brandon Russell | July 19, 2013July 19, 2013 12:30 pm PST


Sony is reportedly developing a set of smartphone lens attachments with sensors comparable to the company’s new RX100 II. According to top sources speaking with Sony Alpha Rumors, the attachments would have built-in Wi-Fi (or NFC for establishing a connection), allowing images to be instantly transferred to the smartphone it’s connected to. The lenses would not only have some pretty wonderful sensors, but its own battery and memory—it wouldn’t be reliant on your smartphone in those regards.

Essentially, this in some ways would be like the many lens attachments littered throughout the smartphone world, but Sony’s offering wouldn’t just be simple glass. Imagine taking the fixed lens right off the RX100 II and attaching it right to your Xperia Z—at least that’show it sounds like it could work. There’s not much information to go on right now; we imagine the processing to take place inside the lens itself, too, and then that image being sent right to your smartphone. You’d likely have to use a specially made Sony app if such an accessory is made.

Things are probably very early on in the experimental stages, so we wouldn’t expect to see anything hit soon—probably not even this year. Smartphones are becoming excellent point-and-shoot alternatives, but Sony’s solution has the potential to raise the bar even further. Of course, considering what kind of technology is involved, the attachments certainly won’t be cheap. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to think of the possibilities.


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