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Shadowrun Returns Launch Trailer Precedes July 25 Release

by Eric Frederiksen | July 19, 2013July 19, 2013 5:30 pm PST

What do you get when you combine Lord of the Rings and Neuromancer? Or maybe Dungeons & Dragons and Cyberpunk 2020 is more appropriate…

The result is Shadowrun.

Based on a pen and paper role playing game, Shadowrun combines those cyber enhancements Adam Jensen didn’t ask for with the elves, dwarves, trolls, and mages D&D is remembered for.

The game made the jump to video games a few times – Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were the first iterations, both adhering to the property’s tabletop and role-playing roots pretty closely. Most recent was the Xbox 360 multiplayer game that, indeed, was called Shadowrun, but had little to do with the property and few truly memorable features aside from its native PC-Xbox cross-platform multiplayer.

In development since its successful Kickstarter ended last May, Shadowrun Returns is finally set to bring the world of cyberpunk and magic back to gamers on July 25th. The gameplay looks a lot like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and the art and style both look like they bring the spirit of Shadowrun back to life. I’d hope so, since the guys who developed the original tabletop game have been involved with the project since its inception.

Assuming the game releases on time and isn’t horribly broken, Shadowrun Returns will be one of the first video game kickstarters to make it out of the gate in tact. Once it releases, you can look for my review to hit sometime early August.

Eric Frederiksen

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