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iPad Mini 2 Expected in October

Apple iPad Mini Front Screen

See, this is why reporting on Apple rumors can be so frustrating. Just last week we covered a story that suggested Apple’s iPad mini with a Retina display won’t arrive until 2014 due to supply shortages. Now, however, that’s all changing. Apparently.

According to a separate story, this time from DigiTimes, LG is ready to ship between 2-3 million iPad Mini Retina displays per month in order to get the tablet on the market by October. What makes this confusing, however, is that the news outlet said on July 8 that Apple was still making tweaks to the iPad mini and that it wouldn’t be released until the end of the fourth quarter of this year – right around the holidays. So what’s the deal? Did Apple’s suppliers get everything in order or are DigiTimes’ sources reporting from all over the map? Sounds like the latter to us.

It gets worse. DigiTimes also said in July that Foxconn wouldn’t ship the new 9.7-inch iPad 5 or the iPhone 5S until 2014. That doesn’t even make sense, since most reports points to this fall for the iPhone 5S launch. And, today, the news outlet revised that statement claiming that LG display will ship 2.5 million to 3 million 9.7-inch screens each month for a launch of the new 9.7-inch iPad this quarter.

If we can make any guesses from these claims, it’s that Apple is indeed working on a new iPad and a new iPad mini, which we already knew.


Todd Haselton

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