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Low-Cost iPhone in Yellow Compared to iPhone 5

by Brandon Russell | July 19, 2013July 19, 2013 3:00 pm PST

The prevalence of budget iPhone leaks has made the upcoming handset one of the worst kept secrets this year. Well ahead of its suspected fall release, we basically have a family album’s worth of pictures, though details about the handset are still a bit sketchy. So, here then, is another trio of pictures comparing the cheaper handset with the iPhone 5, further confirming that the handset will feature a plastic back and 4-inch display, among other changes.

The closeup photos this time show off a yellow version, with all the necessary holes poked out as it goes through production. There’s no shot of the bottom, though we’d expect it doesn’t differ at all from other shots we’ve seen previously—there will be a different speaker grille design compared to the iPhone 5. There’s not much of note on the back of the device; the volume buttons are different, going with a longer, slimmer layout, but that’s the only noticeable difference.

None of these leaks have been confirmed as the genuine device, but they’ve all consistently shown off the same stuff, so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all if this was the final design. As MacRumors points out, the internal layout is consistent with logic board leaks we’ve seen; it’s likely only a matter of time before we see a fully working unit. Seeing the two side by side definitely shows Apple will align each for a specific market segment, with the cheapo iPhone clearly aimed for the budget-conscious crowd.


Brandon Russell

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