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Rayman Legends Remasters 40 Levels from Rayman Origins

E3 2013 - Ubisoft - Rayman Legends - Trailer - 009

40 of your favorite levels from Rayman Origins are set to be remastered in its upcoming sequel, Rayman Legends. Given a higher budget and more realized graphic style, the game can only improve on what was already so amazing.

The 40 levels will be available right out of the box, and they are not necessary for the completion of the game. Why you would want to skip out on extra, free content is beyond me, but you don’t have to beat them to finish the game.

Also announced from Ubisoft Montreal is a new “Kung Foot” inspired soccer mini-game which supports up to four player (five on the Wii U). Rayman and his friends take to green and try to punch, kick, and deflect balls through goals on both sides of the stage.

It was made as a simple party game using the Rayman Origins engine for the development staff to play in their free time, but the added time to theĀ Rayman Legends development period allowed the team to turn it into an added bonus.

We all complained about the Wii U delay, but it seems Ubisoft Montpelier has been busy in making the annoying wait worth our time. The 40 levels remastered from Rayman Origins sit on top of the 30 levels the team already created during the delay, and the added bonus of mini games and online challenge modes have give your $60 just that much more value.

Rayman Legends will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PlayStation Vita on Sept. 3.

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