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Indie Game: The Movie – Special Edition Coming This Month

by Ron Duwell | July 18, 2013July 18, 2013 8:30 pm PST

Indie Game The Movie Special Edition

A special edition of Indie Game: The Movie has been announced and will be released later this month. The Sundance Award winning documentary spawned from two Kickstarter campaigns, and it follows the development process of three indie hits: Braid, Super Meat Boy, and Fez

Now that a year has passed since it launched, the directors have chosen to show off an extra 100+ minutes of additional footage, commentary from Team Meat and the directors, and a special “What Happaned After” segment.

If you own the original, the Special Edition content will only cost $4.99 through Steam and the official website. However, those who do not own the film yet will have to pay $14.99 for it all. A limited edition Blu-ray will be made available for $69.99 and DVD for $59.99 with stickers, posters, and a 48 page notebook of information.

If you want my advice, head over to Steam now and pick up the movie while it is on sale during the Summer Getaway Sale. Watch it as is, and then pick up the special edition down the line and watch it later. The directors won an award at Sundance for their editing for good reason, and I suspect the film will suffer from poor pacing the way most bogged down special edition films do.

Perhaps if the extra content is kept separate from the film and is seen on the side rather than in the main feature, then I can understand the purchase. However, I’ve seen a mere 40 minutes of extra scenes destroy favorites of mine. I’d hate to think what 100 minutes could do.

Stick to the basics, and then determine if you want more later.

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