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Chrome 28 for iOS Adds Better Integration Across Google Apps


Google rolled out the Chrome 28 update for iOS today, a week after pushing its revamped browser to desktop computers and Android devices. The updated app syncs across your Google apps, letting you easily launch a different application while using Chrome, and packs a few additional new features as well.

The biggest improvement we receive with Chrome 28 for the iPhone and iPad is Google app integration. Once you’ve signed in with Chrome it will sync across all your other mobile Google services, letting you launch new applications directly from Chrome. For example, if search for a location in your browser you can launch the map directly in Google Maps with the tap of a button. The same applies for YouTube, Google+ and Drive, with more apps syncing up in the near future.

Google also promises that Chrome 28 will introduce a new feature the company is experimenting with: data compression. The update should save bandwidth, help load pages faster, and increase security while browsing on iOS devices. The updated Chrome app is also tablet-optimized, just like the redesigned Google Maps that rolled out to iOS yesterday.

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Jacob Kleinman

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