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19 Year Old Builds Massive Skyrim Mod in Just One Year

by Ron Duwell | July 18, 2013July 18, 2013 6:00 am PST

Falskaar is a massive The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod with 29 voice actors spread across 54 original characters. A huge dungeon called Watervine Chasm takes players up to two hours to complete, and the overall addition adds 25 hours of content and a land mass one third the size of the original game.

If that’s not impressive enough, it was built by a single 19 year old developer.

Alexander J. Velicky has no problem admitting that be built Falksaar as a resume mark to land a job at Bethesda. He graduated from high school and instead of moving onto a design institution, he picked up a copy of the Bethesda creation kit and got to work. The project took over 2,000 hours of work, and was completed in just over a year.

Granted, Velicky was not the only person involved in the project. He did have over 100 aid him with models and original music along the way, but he organized everything and put it all to good use, showing off directional skills as well as programing.

“I had some people help me out with a few models and textures, someone wrote a book or two for me… But otherwise all content was implemented, written and developed by me.

Falskaar isn’t perfect. I’m not an expert who’s been crafting game experiences for the last 20 years, so I certainly still have a lot to learn, and I always will. I’m always looking to learn and improve, and Falskaar was a huge chance for me to do this.”

Velicky knows that Bethesda is aware of his existence and is waiting to see if they reply to his online resume.

“The best way to show Bethesda Game Studios that I want a job there and should be hired is to create content that meets the standards of their incredible development team.”

Have you played Falksaar yet? If you were Bethesda would you give the kid a job? It’s an impressive undertaking to create such a massive expansion to a professionally build game, but I am far more blown away in how he organized so many people to help him.

The add-on can be found on the Skyrim Nexus, so give it a try and let us know what you think.


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