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Tumblr’s David Karp Talks NSA and Yahoo Buyout on Colbert Report

by Jacob Kleinman | July 17, 2013July 17, 2013 6:00 pm PST

Last night’s episode of The Cobert Report featured an interview with David Karp, and in his brief six minutes on screen the Tumblr founder talked about everything from the NSA to the Yahoo buyout to why he dropped out of high school. Right off the bat, Karp noted that he definitely hasn’t checked out since Yahoo bought his company for $1.1 billion.

“I’ve got lots to prove. We gotta get this thing to profitability first, that’s a big milestone,” he told Colbert, hinting at the recent introduction of ads that has shaken plenty of Tumblr fans.

Karp also commented on claims that Internet dinosaur Yahoo only purchased his blogging platform for its cool factor and popularity among teenagers, arguing that “Yahoo’s looking for a path forward [and] they saw Tumblr as a big part of that.”

Of course, Colbert couldn’t resist grilling Karp over his notorious decision to drop out of high school, joking that the only real way to know how cool you are is based on which table you sit at in the cafeteria. The 27-year old millionaire went on the explain that he ended his formal education because at the time there were no computer science classes being offered.

When it comes to the ongoing NSA scandal, Karp didn’t have a clear answer for how he would respond if the government hit his company with a data request, though he suggested he would do his best to resist under pressure.

“We don’t want to give [the NSA] anything that’s not in the interest of our users,” he said.

Jacob Kleinman

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