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Pikmin 3 Moving Wii Us in Japan

by Joey Davidson | July 17, 2013July 17, 2013 11:00 pm PDT

Now that Pikmin 3 is out in Japan, the little critters that could are pushing Nintendo towards achieving a much more desirable level of sales. It’s only been one week, but things are looking good for the adorable strategic title.

Japanese retailer Tsutaya listed Pikmin 3 as the strongest selling title during its launch week in Japan. The game even lead to a boast in Wii U console sales, according the Japanese blog Mantan. Here is Taketo Matsuo, Tsutaya Director of the Game Rental Planning Group, as translated by Nintendo Life:

“Pikmin 3, that came out nine years after Pikmin 2, is having a really good start. Sales at Tsutaya are comparable to the release of Super Mario Bros U and have driven greater sales of Wii U units.”

Whether or not Shigeru Miyamoto’s gardening inspired property has the same effect on regions beyond Japan remains to be seen. Will you snag a Wii U in order to play Pikmin 3? I know it was one of my driving reasons back when the system launched.

Joey Davidson

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