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Nokia Lumia 520 is the Best-Selling Windows Phone

Nokia and Microsoft may be having trouble selling a premium Windows Phone 8 smartphone, but it looks like the two companies are seeing some real success in their assault on emerging markets with the low-cost Lumia 520. AdDuplex’s latest report on the Windows Phone market notes that the 4-inch device is the most popular model around, with a 13.3 percent share of the global market.

Nokia introduced the Lumia 520 at Mobile Word Congress last February in Spain, targeting emerging markets with the low-end compact handset, which sports mid-range specs and no front-facing camera. An identical Lumia 521 also launched in the U.S. on T-Mobile, but only holds 5 percent of the national Windows Phone market, far behind the Lumia 822 (20.7 percent), the Lumia 920 (18.3 percent), and the HTC Windows Phone 8X (14 percent).

Meanwhile, the Lumia 520 is seeing real success across emerging markets. The compact handset dominates in India with 31.3 percent of the Windows Phone market, while in Brazil it’s in second place with a 14.9 percent share behind the Lumia 710. Microsoft and Nokia are smart to target emerging markets, a region where Android devices have seen huge success while Apple struggles to gain a foothold. The cheaper Lumia 520 may be enough to keep the company on track while it fights for elbow room in the flagship market with the Lumia 1020.


Jacob Kleinman

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