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iPhone 5S Release Allegedly Plagued by Fingerprint Scanner Issues

by Jacob Kleinman | July 16, 2013July 16, 2013 7:00 am PDT

The iPhone 5S release is expected to arrive sometime between now and the fall, but according to a new report from DigiTimes, component issues could mean the number of new handsets available will be extremely limited at launch. The tech site claims that slower-than-expected production of fingerprint-recognition chips and LCD drivers will delay the shipment of about three million smartphones until the fourth quarter.

Before you freak out over the news that Apple may run out of new iPhones at launch this fall, remember that DigiTimes doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to these reports, especially in this case since there’s still no proof the iPhones 5S will feature a fingerprint scanner.

We’re not ruling out the possibility though. Apple has published patents detailing how the technology could work, and it would definitely help build enthusiasm for the new smartphone, which is expected to be a refresh of the iPhone 5 with few visible changes. However, iOS 7 will also introduce new security settings (which would be the main purpose of fingerprint recognition), so adding a fingerprint scanner doesn’t really make sense right now.

We’ve already seen countless alleged photos of the leaked iPhone 5S in production (check out the slideshow above for a refresher) and none would suggest the handset will feature a fingerprint scanner. The new smartphone is expected to look exactly like the current iPhone 5. but come with an upgraded processor. It may also come equipped with a better battery, stronger camera or sharper screen, though this is just speculation based on the company’s previous product launches.


Jacob Kleinman

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