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Leaked Photo Shows Moto X On Verizon

by Brandon Russell | July 13, 2013July 13, 2013 10:00 am PDT


The Moto X is a foregone conclusion. We’ve seen it so many times by now, even in the hands of executives, that it’s just too hard to ignore. And now we’re seeing a model pop up for Verizon—rumors already suggested the device would show up on all four major carriers.

When the Moto X on Verizon hits, it’ll allegedly slot in alongside Motorola’s famous Droid handsets, which are also getting a hefty upgrade later this year. There’s not much to say about the picture you see above. It looks like any old smartphone from today, with a kind of Nexus 4 shape.

As noted by AndroidCentral, the above picture could indicate Android 4.3 will launch with the device, though that isn’t confirmed, of course. A recently leaked roadmap suggested the Moto X would land at the end of August, so we’re not all that far off. Whether it’ll come in a variety of materials remains to be seen.


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