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Netflix Negotiating for Another Season of Arrested Development

by Sean P. Aune | July 12, 2013July 12, 2013 7:00 am PDT

Netflix - Arrested Developement

Netflix is on the hunt for the Bluth family to film a fifth season of series, the second to air on the streaming media company.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Netflix is in talks with the people behind Arrested Development to produce another season of the show. While it may be confusing, it would be the second season for Netflix, but the fifth overall.

Brian Grazer, the co-chairman of Imagine Entertainment told Bloomberg, “We are in conversations with them to do another. They are interested in doing that.”

Netflix doesn’t release any sort of ratings information, but Arrested Development does stick out a bit as the only series to air on the service to date that has not received a second season order. The assumption had been it wasn’t a lack of viewership, but instead the complexity of reassembling the cast once again. The fourth season was structured differently than the original three due to some cast members being available at different times. This change met with some displeasure from fans and critics alike, but a second outing you could probably expect viewers to be a bit more prepared for it should it need to be handled that way again.

There’s no other information available at this time, and Netflix has not commented on the statement. The negotiation process the last time went on for months, so it is doubtful there will be any sort of definitive decision for some time.


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