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BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins to Blame for Executive Exodus?

by Jacob Kleinman | July 12, 2013July 12, 2013 4:30 pm PST

RIM CEO Heins holds up a prototype of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone at the Blackberry World event in Orlando

BlackBerry has lost three members of its executive team in the past few weeks with one leaving for Samsung and another two allegedly quitting for unclear reasons. Now, Bloomberg is reporting that the company isn’t bleeding executives, it’s pushing them out. With BB10 complete and disappointing losses posted for the first quarter of 2013, BlackBerry may be looking to thin its staff in an effort to reduce operating costs.

Two factors in particular may have forced the two executives (Marc Gingras and T.A. McCann) to part ways with BlackBerry. First, one-year incentive packages put in place in July 2012 to ensure that BB10 smartphones and software would be completed and shipped on time are expiring with no plans for renewal. Second, CEO Thorstein Heins is instituting strict goals for smartphones sales, user base growth and new product development, and any managers who fail to meet these benchmarks will be fired, an anonymous insider told Bloomberg.

In 2012, Blackberry let 5,000 employees go, saving the Canadian company  $1 billion dollars that year. With 12,700 workers remaining, Heins may be preparing for a new round of layoffs, though Bloomberg‘s source apparently declined to reveal how many employees might be fired. Considering BlackBerry’s record losses reported last month followed by falling stock prices it’s no surprise that a number of executives have already jumped ship.

Jacob Kleinman

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