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Assembled Moto X Pictured in Black

by Brandon Russell | July 11, 2013July 11, 2013 1:00 pm PST


Here’s another picture of Motorola’s unannounced Moto X device. It’s plain back, and it looks heftier than some of today’s wafer thin handsets. But that could be some weird perspective thing because of the angle the picture was taken. It’s tough to say; that rounded part at the top looks especially rounded.

We’ve seen plenty of the Moto X device over the past few weeks to know what it’ll look like when it hits. Rumors suggest the handset’s biggest selling point will be options for customization, along with the inclusion of “Clear Pixel” technology, among other things. Since we haven’t seen anything out of Motorola all year, Moto X will be under plenty of scrutiny when it launches. It’s being hyped up quite a bit, but will it deliver?

A leaked Verizon roadmap on Thursday suggests the Moto X will be released at the end of August, giving the Internet plenty of time to unleash more leaked specs and photos. I’m guessing we’ll see quite a bit of information ahead of Motorola’s official unveiling, whenever that will be.


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