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Steam Summer 2013 Sale Starting Tomorrow, July 11th?

by Joey Davidson | July 10, 2013July 10, 2013 4:30 pm PST


Prepare your wallets! Maybe.

Some Internet sleuthery, and perhaps general ability to read supposed emails from Steam support, have lead folks to believe that the massive, annual Steam summer sale is set to begin tomorrow, July 11th. All of itĀ propagatesĀ from one thread on the Steam subreddit.

Here’s the letter from Steam support.

Steam Support Letter

Other evidence, like GameStop firing up their 30 percent extra credit towards Steam vouchers and Steam ending their Midweek Madness sale early, points towards tomorrow as the beginning of this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

If this does all come true, what are you looking forward to seeing slashed on Steam? Any games you’ve been eying up all year?

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