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PlayStation Store Summer Blast Week 2 Listings

by Ron Duwell | July 10, 2013July 10, 2013 8:30 pm PDT

Sands of Time

The PlayStation Store is launching into its second week of sales with a heavy dose of discounts on select titles. Check out the listing below to see if you are interested in any of the deals.

Fast & Furious: Showdown $39.99 $31.99 $23.99
Star Trek $54.99 $43.99 $32.99
Men In Black: Alien Crisis $39.99 $29.99 $20.99
The Simpsons Arcade Game $9.99 $6.99 $4.89
X-Men $9.99 $6.99 $4.89
Hitman Trilogy HD $39.99 $19.99 $15.99
Lord Of The Rings: War In The North $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
Silent Hill: Book Of Memories $29.99 $14.99 $7.50
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes $29.99 $14.99 $7.50
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
The Adventures Of Tintin: The Game $39.99 $19.99 $10.00
Star Wars The Force Unleashed II $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Video Game $19.99 $9.99 $5.00
Just Cause 2 $19.99 $9.99 $7.99
Prince Of Persia Classic Trilogy HD $39.99 $15.99 $8.00
Tron Evolution $19.99 $7.99 $4.00
Alice: Madness Returns $19.99 $7.99 $4.00
Fight Night Champion $29.99 $11.99 $6.00

Again, not too much that I don’t already own. The Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HD is tempting, but I already own them on Steam and only really want Sands of Time anyway since it’s one of my all time favorites. I wish I could buy them separately.

Can’t go wrong with Just Cause 2 at that price either, but ¬†already bought it three times on all three major platforms, so why bother again?

I think I’m going to sit this one out. Anything you are interested in buying this week? I gotta say for all the priase we often give Sony for its bargains recently, the daily Xbox Live price drops are looking far better this year.

Ron Duwell

Ron has been living it up in Japan for the last decade, and he has no intention of leaving this technical wonderland any time soon. When he's not...