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Apple Might Make iLife and iWork Apps Free When iOS 7 Hits

by Brandon Russell | July 9, 2013July 9, 2013 10:30 am PDT


When iOS 7 hits in the fall, Apple might include a pretty big incentive for people to update: free iWork and iLife apps. Only in its third beta, Apple’s upcoming mobile software still has plenty to improve upon before its ready for primetime. Once it is ready, though, it appears Apple will make some of its most beloved apps free to go along with the company’s iWork for iCloud initiative.

According to a welcome screen discovered in the iOS 7 beta, Apple is planning to make apps like Pages, iPhoto and Keynote free once the final version hits. Similar to previous welcome screens that encourages users to “get the most out of your iPhone,” the alleged screen discovered in the beta shows many of Apple’s homebred apps free of charge. Of course, the page isn’t live, so you can’t run out and download the apps at no cost just yet.

Apps such as iPhoto and iMovie are currently $4.99 in the App Store, while iWork apps are $9.99. When Apple detailed iWork for iCloud in June, the company didn’t mention any pricing plans, leading folks to believe the service will be free; making the apps free as well will only encourage people to use the services. Not only that, but it could potentially push sales of both the iPhone and iPad when new models hit later this year.



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