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Tales of Xillia 2 Making its Way to Stateside in 2014

by Ron Duwell | July 8, 2013July 8, 2013 9:30 pm PDT

Tales of Xillia 2

JRPG fans who don’t own a 3DS might be feeling the burn these days, but don’t lose faith just yet. Relief is just around the corner with not one but two classic games from of of the genre’s longest running franchises.

Namco Bandai as confirmed that it is bringing Tales of Xilia 2 to America sometime during 2014. It has originally said the sequel would only be released if the Tales of Xillia became a success, but Namco is jumping the gun on that promise as the first one won’t be released until August.

Much like Tales of Symphonia and its sequel, Tales of Xillia 2 sees the return of many former cast members under the leadership of two new protagonists. Fans received the game well in Japan, but it failed to meet Namco’s sales expectations.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Tales series, but at this point, I’ll take just about anything from the JRPG genre, even a two year old game. Tales of Xillia will be released next month on August 6th, and Tales of Xillia 2 will be released at a later date in 2014, both for the PlayStation 3.

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