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Aliens: Colonial Marines Might Actually Get Campaign DLC

by Joey Davidson | July 8, 2013July 8, 2013 5:30 pm PDT

Aliens - Colonial Marines

After its exceptionally long development cycle, staged press and public demos and subsequent release that put an absolutely abysmal game in front of critics and fans, one would have assumed that Sega and Gearbox were collectively ready to put Aliens: Colonial Marines out to pasture.

More than likely on brand recognition alone, the game actually sold well in certain territories. There are even fans of both the Aliens franchise and Gearbox who assert that Colonial Marines is actually a wonderful game.

Perhaps those are the folks responsible for this recent rumor. Trophies have appeared online for brand new campaign DLC for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Still in rumor stages at this point, this news is equally hilarious, awesome and weird. picked up the list. They have 10 brand new Trophies, complete with names and objectives, for DLC entitled “Stasis Interrupted.”

Whatever the case, if Sega and Gearbox are actually making this new DLC a reality, one has to wonder how much they think the game is worth and exactly how good or bad the DLC will wind up.

Stay tuned.

Joey Davidson

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