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Indie Gaming Soundtrack Spotlight #6 – Gunpoint

by Joey Davidson | July 7, 2013July 7, 2013 12:00 pm PDT

Gunpoint Screenshot

If you were to approach one of my close friends and ask them what type of music I listen to at home while cooking or chilling out, more times than not they’d say something about big band or jazz. I’m a sucker for that genre of music, and am instantly drawn to the aging flicks and film noir movement that used the stuff in spades.

That’s probably a huge contributing factor for why I turned to Gunpoint when it launched. The soundtrack boasts an odd mix of smooth jazz and samba beats, and it’s a real joy to listen to.

Finally, if the soundtrack above tickled your fancy for this interesting game, check the Let’s Play episode we ran recently for a look at how the game behaves in motion.

What do you think of these jazzy tunes?

Joey Davidson

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