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Alleged Low-Cost iPhone Revealed in Pictures and Video

by Brandon Russell | July 6, 2013July 6, 2013 10:00 am PST

Techdy has acquired what it claims to be legitimate rear and back panels of the upcoming low-cost iPhone, providing our most comprehensive look yet at the handset. According to the blog, “It does not feel cheap at all.” That right there will likely put plenty of concerns to rest. For context, the polycarbonate materials used will likely make the handset feel more like a Lumia device—a more premium-feeling plastic.

“Unlike the plastic build quality of the Samsung galaxy phones, the plastic materials used on the budget iPhone feels more sturdy,” Techdy writes.

It doesn’t look as though the pieces Techdy acquired are quite finished yet—there’s no volume rocker, power button or mute switch present; Techdy is also missing the internal components, as well as the home button, so this obviously isn’t a full working model. However, it does reveal a few things about what we can expect the design to be like once it’s finalized, such as the new microphone configuration on the bottom.

The device will use Apple’s Lightning technology, of course, while the screen will be 4-inches just like the current iPhone 5. Techdy described the curved design as feeling like an old iPod; the screen apparently isn’t flush with the case, giving the handset a bit more thickness (though not much thicker than the iPhone 5).

We’ve seen the low-cost iPhone leak quite a bit over the past month, but this is easily our best look at the upcoming handset. When it does hit later this year, the device will likely come in an array of colors, adding some much needed variety to the iPhone line. To get a further look at Apple’s plastic iPhone, hit up the source link for some great pictures of the device (including the inside of the rear shell, and how it looks next to the iPhone 5).

Techdy MacRumors

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