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Xbox One to be Headed Up by Window Boss Julie Larson-Green?

by Joey Davidson | July 3, 2013July 3, 2013 6:00 am PST

Julie Larson-Green

In the wake of Don Mattrick’s departure from Microsoft and CEO acceptance at Zynga, the company needs to find a replacement. Rumors have it that Microsoft is in the midst of a massive restructuring. Mattrick’s new role with the company was to be in charge of both gaming hardware and the Surface division. He wanted more, so he split, either on his own or with Microsoft’s pink slip, for Zynga.

A new rumor from Bloomberg indicates that the current head of the Windows department of Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green, will soon step up and take the position once planned for Mattrick. That would put Larson-Green in charge of both the Xbox One and Surface hardware categories.

According to Bloomberg‘s source, these plans are currently in a more private and, well, planning phase. That’s the cause for the request for anonymity.

Larson-Green has worked with Microsoft since 1993, though her track record indicates that she’s been on the engineering side of the business. This will be her first foray into the gaming world if it holds true.

I will be completely honest here, my focus on gaming has kept me out of the loop in regards to how Larson-Green is generally perceived in the tech world. Do you folks like her? Is this a good move for Microsoft? Or, is

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