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20 Million Samsung Galaxy S4 Units Shipped in 68 Days

by Jacob Kleinman | July 3, 2013July 3, 2013 8:00 am EST

Samsung has reportedly shipped 20 million Galaxy S4 units in the 68 days since it launched its latest flagship Android handset, beating out its old record by over a month. Several Korean news outlets said that Samsung Mobile co-CEO J.K Shin officially announced the news, though the South Korean company has refused to officially confirm the report itself. When the Galaxy S4 hit the 10 million threshold, Samsung was quick to confirm the news, so we wonder why it hasn’t issued an official statement yet.

The Galaxy S4 may be Samsung’s biggest success so far, but the 5-inch handset was unable to beat out the iPhone 5. Apple shipped more than 23 million units of its latest smartphone in its first 68 days. Apple also just barely moved more copies of the iPhone 4S in the same amount of time, shipping about 21.5 million units.

Despite today’s good news, Samsung is still reeling from reports that astronomical Galaxy S4 sales have still fallen short of investor expectations, causing its stock to take a noticeable hit. The company recently slashed S4 sales predictions for July by 50 percent.

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