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Leaked Images Show Off Moto X’s Colorful Rear Shells

by Brandon Russell | July 3, 2013July 3, 2013 3:00 pm PDT


The potential customization options for the Moto X phone might not be what people were hoping for, but, realistically, it was to be expected. Allowing users to have say in how their device looks is a strategic move toward average consumer wallets—it’s unlikely they’ll appeal to the fervent tech enthusiast. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t fawn over leaks before the device actually hits.

Not long after details of the Moto X device hit, acquired pictures depicting what the rear shell will look like in different colors. So far, we’re seeing green, turquoise, red and purple. It’s unclear what other colors will be offered, but we’d guess Motorola’s new Google-fied logo is a good indication on what to expect. If that’s the case, we might be saying goodbye to the typical black and white.

Motorola will reportedly offer sixteen color variations in total, which users can reportedly mix and match for a two-tone look. The rear shells don’t look all that exciting without the other components included, but they hint at things to come. What color combo would you go with?


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