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Chibi Robo Photography Surprise Release on Nintendo 3DS in Japan

by Ron Duwell | July 3, 2013July 3, 2013 10:30 pm PDT

Nintendo’s home maintenance platforming series Chibi Robo! is primed and ready to make sure your house is entirely spic and span. Nintendo has finally announced another game in the series, although it is most likely not what fans are expecting.

Announced during a recent Nintendo Direct, Chibi Robo Photography will allow the cute little robot to interact with real objects from your house rendered in the game through the Nintendo 3DS camera. The old man in the game charges him with a shape, and the player must hunt down a similarly shaped object in real life.

It comes off as more an app rather than a full blown game, but given that Nintendo opted not to localize the previous Chibi Robo! game on the DS, beggars can’t be choosers at this point. Not that there is too much room to complain. The Chibi Robo is absolutely adorable in those slippers.

Even more exciting is the release date, which happens to be today. Nintendo surprised us all with this one, so hopefully it will continue the generosity and let American gamers have a go through the eShop. It certainly would be less risky than a physical retail release.

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