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Apple Retailers Expecting Army of New Products This Fall

by Brandon Russell | July 3, 2013July 3, 2013 3:30 pm PST

Apple Store iPhone Hand 2

Tim Cook reportedly held secretive talks with Apple retail store leaders recently about finding new ways to push the iPhone to customers, possibly through more aggressive incentive programs. While Apple’s device is consistently one of the company’s best-selling products, 80 percent are apparently sold through other retailers, and not physical Apple stores. Cook wants this to change.

According to sources, Apple’s upcoming trade-in deal will be a big part of the incentive push Cook and Co. want to implement going forward. The deal won’t be on a secret menu either; Cook wants to promote the “competitive” program hard in retail stores so everyone knows; the hope is to of attract people to Apple stores who are going there with the intention to purchase a device. That, Apple hopes, will keep returning users inside the company’s ecosystem, and maybe even some Android converts..

Additionally, the company also wants to use its army of promotions to incentivize stores. “In order to boost iPhone sales direct from Apple’s brick-and-mortar chain, Cook said Apple is developing new incentives for both customers buying iPhones and the Apple Stores selling the phones,” a source told 9to5Mac.

Another source close to the discussions said retailers are expecting “an army of new products this fall,” hinting we’ll see an iWatch, low-cost iPhone and iPhone 5S. That’s not exactly an army—maybe a boy band—but there would be other products we just don’t know about. Either way, expect there to be a bigger push for iPhone sales in Apple stores across the globe.


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