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Pebble Smartwatch Hits Best Buy Shelves Starting July 7

by Jacob Kleinman | July 2, 2013July 2, 2013 9:00 pm PDT

The Pebble, an iOS and Android-compatible smartwatch, will go on sale at Best Buy stores across the country this Sunday starting at $149.99. The device syncs with your smartphone to display text messages and incoming calls, lets you control your music, and offers a full SDK and API so developers can create their own apps. It also features a waterproof design and customizable UI.

The arrival of Pebble on Best Buy’s shelves represents not just the growth of wearable technology (a market already crowded by the Sony SmartWatch, Google Glass, the rumored iWatch and plenty more) but also the rise of crowd-funded products. Pebble got its start on Kickstarter, where it raised $10 million and became the site’s biggest success to date.

“We’ve learned that people want their Pebbles,” wrote CEO Eric Migicovsky in an official statement. “Thanks to Best Buy, we’re giving folks more ways to make that happen.”

Starting this month, the black-colored Pebble will be available through Best Buy, with a cherry red model coming in August. If you’d rather pick up the smartwatch in orange, grey or white head over to and buy one straight from the source.

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