Skype Rolls Out Redesigned Android App to 100M Users

by Jacob Kleinman | July 1, 2013

Skype celebrated its 100 millionth Android app download today, announcing the news in a blog post and rolling out a redesigned 4.0 version of its service for Android phones. The new UI boasts a simple, fast and intuitive design that resembles the Windows Phone 8 Skype app released last year.

Skype 4.0 includes a redesigned look for conversations, and the ability to easily swipe over to Contacts and Favorites. Tap on someone’s name and a new messaging window will launch; from there you’ll be able to easily start video or voice calls with a single tap.

Skype also notes that the new update isn’t just a refresh. Instead, it’s a total redesign from the ground up, meaning underneath the new features you get a┬ásleeker, more stable experience that cuts down on load time. The app is currently available for Android smartphones and an update is “just around the corner” for tablets.

[Source: Skype]

Jacob Kleinman

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