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Mew-genics to be Playable at PAX Prime

by Ron Duwell | July 1, 2013July 1, 2013 8:30 pm PDT


If you have a hankering to play a cat-lady simulator, then PAX Prime is the place to be. Mew-genics, the latest from indie developer Team Meat, is all set and ready to be shown off for the first time.

Those early enough to try out the game at the Team Meat booth will also be given an official 28 page comic described as “black an white and packed to the brim with funformation.”

Team Meat is comprised of the brilliant minds behind Super Meat Boy, and this is the team’s first entirely new project since making it big on the indie scene. Fans can expect the same dark and twisted sense of humor the duo is known for, but be warned newcomers.

Team Meat is not for everyone, and this game goes beyond simply breeding and raising cats. From the narratives provided so far, cat-jealousy and cat-murder also seem to be in the cards for this mysterious game.

Who’s going to PAX?

Team Meat

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