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Reminder: Google Reader Shutting Down July 1

by Brandon Russell | June 29, 2013June 29, 2013 2:00 pm PDT


Google Reader will ride off into the sunset on Monday, July 1—not all that far away—after which your RSS information will be deleted forever. However, you can easily back up your data using Google Takeout, giving you ample opportunity to weigh up your alternative options going forward. Because once your Reader information is gone, it’s gone. If you’re someone who has invested heavily in Google’s service, you already know what’s at stake here. Don’t procrastinate.

Getting your info from Google, which saves as an OPML file through Google Takeout, couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your credentials and download one .zip file—that’s it. Even if you don’t plan on migrating to a competing service right away, you should get your data as soon as possible. And then back that data up, just in case. We’ve highlighted some alternatives—Digg just launched its own Reader, which easily moves your GReader feeds over.

The alternatives we’ve highlighted don’t cover the entire market, and chances are there are many serviceable unknowns waiting to be discovered. Many of them will import your OPML file over, though, which is why it’s so important you save it now before Google pulls the plug on Reader on Monday. Feedly seems to be the most popular thus far, so if you haven’t checked that one out, maybe it’s time you did.

Breaking up is never easy—change sucks. But Google Reader’s demise is imminent, so start preparing now. The Internet is a scary place, and keeping up with all the feeds out there, especially in this line of work, can be overwhelming. So while Google Reader will be missed, it’s time to move on, forget it even existed. Just make sure you save your data before moving on to something new.


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