Alleged iPad 5 Schematics Reveal Much Thinner Frame

by Brandon Russell | June 29, 2013

Leaked schematics for the upcoming fifth generation iPad indicate a much thinner model is inbound, with a design ethos similar to Apple’s iPad mini. Acquired by, the alleged blueprints reveal the device will be just 7.9mm thick—the iPad mini is 7.2mm—which is a lot slimmer than Apple’s current model.

In the comparison mockup above, you can see how big of a difference the redesign could make as far as thickness—it’ll also allegedly somewhere narrower and not quite as tall. 9to5Mac provided our best look at how an iPad mini-like design would translate to a larger model, and it definitely looks very slick. It’s not difficult to predict Apple moving in this direction with its best-selling tablet, especially when one of the more liked features of the mini was its design.


Brandon Russell

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