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Yahoo Shuttering AltaVista and 11 Other Products

by Brandon Russell | June 28, 2013June 28, 2013 3:30 pm PST


Yahoo on Friday—always a good day to announce bad news—said it’s shutting down a number of services in order to sharpen its focus on things that keep the online company relevant. Stuff like Flickr, and other things. There’s Mail, and Flickr. And that wonderful weather app from a few months back. Chances are you’ll see this list and not even bat an eye.

Perhaps the biggest service getting the ax is AltaVista, which is a Web search engine that was shut down by Yahoo in 2011, only to come back online in 2012. Its official funeral service has been set for July 8, however, so get your good-byes in when you can. Yahoo asked that you kindly visit Yahoo! Search going forward.

A number of other services are shutting down as well, including Yahoo! WebPlayer, FoxyTunes (huh?), Yahoo! Download Beta, Yahoo! Local API and Yahoo! Stars India. Each has their own unplugging date—most are in July and September—so you still have some time to properly adjust to another service. Yahoo recommends a lot of other Yahoo services in place of the Yahoo services shutting down.

Yahoo! RSS Alerts is also shutting down on July 1, the very same date a very well-known competing RSS service is also shutting down. At least nobody will really notice.


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