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Watch Your Phone on July 4

by Todd Haselton | June 28, 2013June 28, 2013 8:30 pm PDT


You might want to keep your phone close this July 4. Or just leave it at home altogether to be safe. The world’s largest cell phone insurance company, Asurion, recently released the results of its survey that found the summer months are when people most often lose or damage their phones. Go figure, we’re all sitting near the pool and traveling a lot.

But get this: the fourth of July is the most dangerous day for your phone in the summer months. Asurion said it regularly sees a 50 percent spike in lost or damaged cell phone claims following the U.S. national holiday. “Every summer we see a tremendous spike in the number of claims filed for lost, damaged or stolen phones,” Asurion spokesperson Bettie Colombo explained. “People are outdoors, active and using their mobile phones to capture the summer enjoyment and stay connected with friends and family.”  Unfortunately, it sounds like that joy is quickly marred by lost cell phones.

There’s reason for damage, it seems. 72 percent of consumers surveyed use their cell phones at the beach or near the pool to listen to music, and 30 percent use them for vacation photos. The firm recommends that you consider a waterproof case, good screen protectors and password protecting your phone in case it’s lost. We also suggest looking at newer, water-resistant devices, such as the Galaxy S4 Active or the Xperia Z.

Asurion’s results were compiled following a survey of 5,000 wireless subscribers aged between 16 and 65 and the data was collected in 2012.


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