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Sony Removed PlayStation 4 Camera to Keep Console Competitive

by Ron Duwell | June 27, 2013June 27, 2013 3:30 pm PDT

PlayStation 4 Camera - 6

The PlayStation 4 is $399, and the Xbox One is $499. That is a $100 difference, but the Xbox One does have something going for it the PlayStation 4 does not: an included camera.

Apparently, that was not always the case. IGN is reporting that Sony had scrapped the camera within the months leading up to to E3 so it would be able to get the jump on Microsoft by announcing its cheaper price.

Of course, the PlayStation 4 will now be cheaper, and the $59.99 camera will be purchasable separately. However, IGN also points out that the user base of the camera will be fragmented and never be fully implemented into games or supported by game developers the way Kinect will be able to.

What do you think? Is a camera essential to your style of video gaming, or are you happy saving the $100 and not being forced to buy an accessory you might not want?

I have yet to be sold on any kind of motion control, be it Kinect, PlayStation Eye, or even Wii Remotes. To me, SmartGlass has been a far better idea that the Kinect, and that is a free app available on a device I already own.


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