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PlayStation 4 Bundle With Camera and Knack for $499?

by Ron Duwell | June 27, 2013June 27, 2013 6:30 pm PDT


True, Sony scrapped the idea of a camera within the PlayStation 4 box in order to drop the price to $100 below its competitor’s machine. However, if there was such a bundle with a camera, would you be interested in buying one? What about if it came with a game?

Apparently, all those options are set to be true. Dualshockers has a leak describing such a bundle with a PlayStation 4 camera and a copy of Knack, Sony’s most recent attempt at securing a mascot. It is priced at $499, matching the cost of the Xbox One.

Sony has yet to officially announce any such bundle, but even so, matching the Xbox One with a camera plus a packed in game is not too horrible of an idea. I can’t even remember the last time a console launched with a game included.

It must be part of that nostalgic thing Knack is supposed to aiming for.

Below is an image of the $399 PlayStation 4 sold on its own, for comparison.

PlayStation 4 Bundle


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