iOS 7 Lets You Control Your Device With Head Movements

by Jacob Kleinman | June 27, 2013

Another hidden iOS feature has been discovered following the release of iOS 7 beta 2 with iPad support. Apple apparently has introduced the ability to control your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch through head movements. The new motion controls seem pretty basic for now, but 9to5Mac has confirmed that they work after learning the news from an anonymous tipster.

iOS 7 features a new menu allowing you to sync your own head movements with a variety of actions including pressing the Home Button, launching Siri, opening the Notification Center, controlling volume or simply tapping. You can also use head movements to cycle through options, moving your head to select the app or choice you want.

Sounds pretty wild and we imagine we’re all going to look pretty goofy in public if this takes off.


Jacob Kleinman

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