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Google Maps and Earth Ditch the Clouds for Clearer Imagery

by Ron Duwell | June 27, 2013June 27, 2013 8:00 am PST

Google recently announced an update to Google Maps and Google Earth that removes clouds from its satellite imagery.

Seamed together with data from USGS’s and NASA’s Landsat Satellite 7, the new view of our world provides a huge resolution of 15 meters per pixel. “The resulting 800,000 megapixel global image is so big that if you wanted to print it at a standard resolution of 300 dots per inch you would need a piece of paper the size of a city block,” Google explained in a blog post announcing the changes.

To accompany the news, Google released several before and after screenshots to show a comparison as to how much more detailed the update makes our world out to be. Images of expanding agriculture in Saudi Arabia, deforestation in Brazil, and other areas around the globe look clearer than ever.

The update is live for both applications now.

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