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Ouya Clarifies Stance on Piracy with a Single Picture

by Joey Davidson | June 25, 2013June 25, 2013 7:45 am PDT

Ouya and Piracy

This morning on Twitter, the official Ouya account retweeted an image that included a picture of someone using the console to play Super Mario Bros.. Somehow, the Android-based console manufacturer let the tweet loose despite the obvious legal issues that come from using another company’s major brand to promote their own product.

We’ve included a screenshot of the tweet for posterity. You can see that at the head of this post. While it’s still linkable, though, here’s the embedded flavor for more clarity.

Look, piracy happens, I totally get that. If you’ve been a longtime TechnoBuffalo reader, then you already know my stance on the issue. I think piracy is bogus, and I’m convinced it hurts the gaming industry more than those who partake in the practice are willing to admit.

Still, I know that people are buying the Ouya with piracy in mind. It’s one of the console’s chief selling points for a lot of gamers out there. It’s just ridiculous that the company would actually come out in support of piracy on their platform. Their platform that, according to them, is a great place for small devs. Small devs and piracy don’t really go together too well.

Do you think Nintendo is scrambling to get their legal department on the horn right this very second?


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