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Minecraft Breaks 11,000,000 Sold on the PC Platform

by Joey Davidson | June 25, 2013June 25, 2013 6:30 pm PDT

Minecraft Bling

It won’t stop selling, will it? Mojang, the developers behind this sensational title, have likely begun drafting plans for their own Scrooge McDuck style vault and gold coin swimming pool. They certainly have the bucks for it.

As of drafting this post,¬†Minecraft has moved more than 11,015,000 copies on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. That’s a whole lot of Minecraft Steves being played right this very moment.

The game’s success is unparalleled.¬†Minecraft¬†is being played by regular gamers, children in school and parents around the world. Last week, I overheard three kids, two girls and a boy, talking about fighting an Ender Dragon while hanging out with my toddler at the playground. That’s the kind of success this game is enjoying.

The sky’s the limit, it seems.

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