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Facebook Building Flipboard-like RSS Reader for iOS

by Brandon Russell | June 24, 2013June 24, 2013 1:00 pm PDT


Facebook is reportedly working on a mobile RSS reader that will organize News Feed links and publisher content into a Flipboard-like layout. The project, known as Reader, is allegedly in response to Facebook’s growing mobile userbase, which makes up an enormous chunk of the social network’s traffic. Of course, that means more ads stuffed in your face.

Facebook Reader has allegedly been in the works for more than a year, according to The Wall Street Journal,  though it’s unclear when and if it’ll be released. Either way, the news highlights Zuckerberg’s intense focus on the mobile space. While the company’s Web presence continues to evolve, Zuckerberg has admitted mobile is largely Facebook’s bread and butter—it’s no surprise the company wants to do even more to suck users in. Facebook Home was the clearest indication yet Zuckerberg is committed to dominating your pocket.

RSS readers have been in the news these past few months due to Google’s decision to ax Google Reader, which many power users relied on to keep track of various news outlets. While Facebook’s offering doesn’t sound like an out and out replacement—not like Digg’s—it’s a step in that direction. Right now, it’s unclear how the service will work—if it even launches in the first place—other than it closely resemble Flipboard’s layout, though it may need to compete with AOL Reader.

Zuckerberg is allegedly watching the project closely, and is providing intense feedback on design and functionality. Right now, development is “slow and deliberate,” so Facebook can best create an experience that ensures users stay within the enormous social ecosystem. An iOS version is being planned for now, with no word on anything for Android.


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