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Armikrog Could be Released on Wii U if Kickstarter Succeeds

by Ron Duwell | June 24, 2013June 24, 2013 5:30 pm PDT


It’s a tight race for Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel  and his Kickstarter project Armikrog. What seemed like a sure thing at first, pulling in $200,000, on the first day, has turned into a scrounge for last minute support to hit the $900,000 mark with only 3 days left.

TenNapel has a little news which might please Wii U fans looking for a decent game to hold them over until Nintendo’s first-party line-up begins to take off. A recent update on the Kickstarter page claims that his studio, Pencil Test Studios, was contacted by Nintendo shortly after E3. They expressed interest in the game.

“One other cool bit of news — after E3 we were contacted by Nintendo and we’re talking to them about the possibility of releasing Armikrog on the Wii U. There’s nothing concrete to report yet, but we’re encouraged by their interest and we’d like to see it happen.”

Shortly afterwards, Pencil Studios announced that if a $950,000 stretch goal is matched, they will develop the game for the Nintendo platform. It is already currently being worked on for PC, Mac and Linux.

Armikrog stands at $693,000 at the time of drafting this post, quite shy of the needed $900,000 to get the funding. Crunch time has come to get this fun looking game made. Hopefully the allure of console availability will help.

The stop motion graphic adventure is a spiritual follow-up to his cult-classic The Neverhood.


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