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New Agency Will Soon Wheel And Deal for Vine’s Six-Second Stars

by Adriana Lee | June 22, 2013June 22, 2013 3:00 pm PDT


The tech industry is becoming more and more like Hollywood at every turn. Not only can rock star coders get agents (like actual rock stars), but now Vine celebrities can seek representation too, thanks to the Grape Story agency.

The goal is simple: Social media pro Gary Vaynerchuk wants to make sure his talent gets the best deals possible for their six seconds of glory. And he and co-founder Jerome Jarre are supremely confident in this endeavor. You would be too if your fledgling agency scored a deal with Virgin Mobile, even before its doors are officially open. Presumably that’s for Jarre’s work. (He’s not just a co-founder; he’s also a client!)

The business may or may not have other clients at present — the duo won’t say — but regardless, anyone Virgin Mobile hires through Grape Story will be compensated for squeezing in specific promotional messages. Vaynerchuk also wouldn’t disclose the amount of that compensation, but let him put it this way: A signed star could make enough money to live on from just 20 Vines. Not bad for two minutes of video per year.

“A lot of people who are YouTube celebrities and have crossed over to Vine are not doing well,” says Vaynerchuck. “This takes a very specific skill. So we’re going to be looking for people who aren’t famous for anything else other than they artistically figured out how to storytell in six seconds.”

Hear that? It means you don’t have to be famous already to score an agent. In fact, they’re actively looking for unknowns, so if you have creative talent, a knack for extremely short-form video and the desire to find someone who can wheel and deal for you, keep your eyes peeled for a Grape Story cattle call.

At this time, there are no plans involving Instagram video. However, it only recently launched, so give it time.

Adriana Lee

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