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Sony Teases New Smartwatch, Announcement Coming June 26

by Brandon Russell | June 21, 2013June 21, 2013 8:50 am PDT


Despite failing to capture a significant smartwatch following in 2012, Sony wants to again tread the wearable technology waters with a new device next week. According to some not so subtle tweets, along with the hashtag #itstime, Sony is teasing a new watch at the Mobile Asia Expo on June 26 in Shanghai.

The company doesn’t make it clear ahead of the announcement what the device will feature, and how it’ll improve upon last year’s model. But Sony was likely spurned on by the success of a device such as Pebble, along with numerous rumors suggesting other industry players, Apple in particular, will launch a smartwatch this year. If you’ve been dying to own a Sony smartwatch, you’re about to see the company’s next generation technology next week.

Hopefully it improves vastly on the last-generation model, which offered a los-res screen, a budget-feeling design and mediocre battery life.

Sony (Twitter)

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