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Outlast 11 Minute Gameplay Trailer – Indie Hospital of Horrors

by Ron Duwell | June 21, 2013June 21, 2013 11:30 am PDT

I’ve been on a real survival horror binge these days cranking through The Last of Us, Fatal Frame 2, Dead Space 2, Resident Evil: Revelations and Deadly Premonition all within a few weeks of each other. I’ve never been huge on the genre, but if this sudden surge in interest can carry over into the holiday season, then Outlast is definitely a game I’m going to be checking out come time for a console change.

Miles Upshur, an independent journalist, sneaks into a recently reopened insane asylum in the mountains of Colorado, and he finds the patients have gone a little bit crazier than usual. They are out for blood and will stop at nothing to get his. The journalist’s only hope of escape lies at the heart of the mountain.

Outlast continues the popular trend of survival without guns. Stealth is key here, sneaking around the horrific inmates, and if that fails, then expect a lot of free running and climbing. You can expect the stealth to be well implemented given that much of developer Red Barrels is comprised of ex-Splinter Cell devs.

Outlast will launch for the PC this holiday season, and it is one of the indie games picked up by Sony to highlight the PlayStation 4’s indie credibility.

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