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NYTimes Shores Up Paywall for Mobile Apps

by Jacob Kleinman | June 21, 2013June 21, 2013 5:15 pm PDT


The New YorkTimes paywall for the paper’s mobile app will further limit the number of articles readers can access for free starting on June 27, the company announced on Thursday. Where in the past users could read to up to 15 articles per day through the app, they will now be restricted to three stories per day. Meanwhile, visitors to the paper’s website can read just ten free articles per month (including blog posts, slide shows, and other multimedia) without paying for a subscription.

“We always knew there was an imbalance,” said Denise F. Warren, an executive vice president of the New York Times Company. “We wanted to restore that balance between the Web site and the apps.”

The updated mobile paywall also comes with an improved The New York Times mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10, giving users full access to the site where in the past they were restricted to a curated “Top News” section. Subscribers will have unlimited access to all content on the mobile app, and the company is offering a seven-day trial to bring in more readers.

The New York Times notes that charging for online content has become a vital source of revenue and said that since the paywall was first erected in 2011 the company has gained 676,000 paying digital subscribers.

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