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Apple Charts iOS Distribution Figures; iOS 6 Over 90 Percent

by Brandon Russell | June 21, 2013June 21, 2013 2:00 pm PST

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Similar to Google’s monthly Android distribution numbers, Apple has released iOS adoption figures so developers can get a better idea of what version customers are using. Just as Apple mentioned during its WWDC conference, an enormous portion of the company’s mobile userbase is on iOS 6; the most recent data shows 93 percent adoption rate ending on June 3.

Apple’s figures further highlight Android’s fragmented struggle to bring its immense market up to the latest version, Jelly Bean, which is currently on 33 percent of all Android devices. Android’s much older iterations, including Ice Cream sandwich, make up a large portion of the OS’s overall distribution, while earlier versions of iOS only make up of 7 percent as measured by data collected through the App Store.


As CultOfAndroid notes, Google’s own numbers don’t even take into account data from Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which runs older versions of Android. The numbers are particularly noteworthy not just for distribution rates, but because it highlights the potential challenges developers face when creating apps for Google’s mobile OS—not to mention taking into account the number of different screen sizes in the Android ecosystem.

Android has improved greatly on distribution over the past several months, but it’s clear Apple’s iOS is far superior in that regard—iOS 6, which is clearly the most used version right now, had a 60 percent adoption rate over in just one month of availability alone.

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