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Deadpool Launch Trailer – “Greatest Game Ever” says Deadpool’s Mom

Fan-favorite Marvel psychopath Deadpool is making his debut with the starring role in a video game this week, and Marvel has a slick new trailer tied together to remind everyone.

High Moon Studios has done an admirable job of bringing the fourth-wall shattering antics of this loud mouth comic book character into interactive entertainment. Nolan North is bringing his voice talents to the anti-hero, so the presentation and story alone might be worth the price for comic fans.

The gameplay itself doesn’t look especially promising, but Deadpool taunting Cable and mocking the goodie two-shoe Spider-Man runs very much in line with the comic’s appeal. Along with Cable, X-Men superstar Wolverine is set to make an appearance, as well as mutants Rogue and Psylocke.

Marvel has not had a successful track run of bringing its characters to video games. It needs a Batman: Arkham Asylum to convince everyone it’s possible, but the sting of those horrible SEGA games might be too recent to overcome.

Something tells me that Deadpool will not be that masterpiece they are looking for. High Moon Studios is a much more solid developer with some good titles under its belt, but layoffs are leaving me worried about the game’s quality.

At any rate, I hope I am wrong because I would love to see a B-list anti-hero out perform this sterile funk Marvel has worked itself into. It’s a sad world when it is is forced to take itself so seriously and shred its classic charismatic characters like Thor and Captain America down into nothing more than heartless adaptations.

No, thank you. Deadpool, please! Oh, and how about another Hulk: Ultimate Destruction while you are at it?

Deadpool will launch for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 on June 25th.

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